Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro je smart bežecký pás teraz s kupónom v zľave
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Parádny kupón: Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro je špičkový smart bežecký pás. V EÚ sklade dostal najlepšiu cenu

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  1. Cornelia píše:

    As I received my long wished walkingpad R1 Pro, I was thrilled, which continued for about 8 days. Then suddenly I hear a load nice, and the walkingpad stopped working instantly!
    It was devastating but not the real drama. This came after this with the service of geekbying.
    On the same day of the (of the sudden breakdown) I wrote to the customer-service of geekbying. While I got fast replies (24h), I was then waiting to send a new walkingpad R1 Pro. One month later I got a visibly defect piece of electronic, no instruction to it, no information about the warranty after the manual repair and I even had to guess, that this belongs to the walkingpad R1 Pro and is coming form geekbying!
    Me – directly documenting everything with photos and writing a straightforward e-mail about this all.
    I have not been answered my questions, which is already another 2 weeks since.
    So my sum-up is:
    Lovely walking experience when the product is working and an entirely unhelpful customer-service overall!
    (Buying @ geekbying)


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