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Xiaomi Enchen zastrihávač vlasov z teba spraví kaderníka aj v pohodlí domova. Je poriadne lacný

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  1. Zelo píše:

    Strojcek sa sice predava ale je out of stock. Aspon to je odpoved predajcu.

    „Sorry for inconvenience .
    Your order had been approved.
    But I am sorry that this product is temporarily out of stock.
    We will arrange the shipment for you once the purchasing agent gets the product.
    Can you please wait a few days patiently .

  2. Cathy Cai píše:

    Hello dear customer,

    This is Cathy from online store, nice to meet you!
    Thanks for choosing cafago, your this xiaomi enchen trimmer is too popular to sold out momentarily, but no worries, we have purchased more from suppliers, it will arrive soon, we will dispatch once get them, thanks!
    Have a nice day!

    Warm Regards
    Cathy Cai


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